Australian companies that buy cars online

There are plenty of Australian companies that facilitate the sale of your car online.
There are plenty of Australian companies that facilitate the sale of your car online. From classifieds to motor auctions, and instant sales services, this guide will highlight some of the top Aussie companies that can help you sell your car online.
We'd like to remind you that selling a car on the internet is made simpler with Motor Merchants. We work with over XX+ verified dealers across Australia who are highly professional and ready to purchase your vehicle!
We share your vehicle listing with dealers who are statistically the most likely to offer the highest price for your car; this results in a bidding war where dealers compete to provide you with a top offer.
So, you get a positive selling experience without having to deal with unsavoury internet strangers, and it's absolutely 100% free to list and sell a car on Motor Merchants!
Carsales allows you to sell your car on the most reputable and long-standing online automobile marketplace, with multiple ad packages available to help boost exposure if you're searching for a fast private sale.
Standard, Premium, and Ultimate packages are available, with each one varying in price depending on how much you want to sell your vehicle for.
After that, the interested consumers will contact you via your ad, allowing you to give your old vehicle a new home!
Like most established car websites, Drive enables drivers to sell their old vehicles to make space in their garages. Fill out the form on the Drive website to offer your automobile to prospective buyers.
From there, Drive will match you with an accredited partner who will offer you a price you can accept or reject and enter into negotiations. Once you’ve agreed on a price, the certified partner will organise the whole sale process, including how to offload your car and transfer the money.
Drive also offers a free car valuation to give you an idea with how much money you’re working with, but doesn’t outline any selling fees involved in the process, meaning it’s best to iron this out during the negotiation phase so there’s no surprise costs involved.
CarsGuide allows you to advertise your current car for sale, either for free or through a Premium Ad package. A free ad allows you to include three photos and brief description about your car, although you can opt for a Premium Photo Ad for $15, which bumps up the photo limit to 20.
You can also purchase the Featured Ad Listing for another $15, which keeps your ad listing near the top of the page for seven days.
However, you might also want to check the fine print when signing up, as there is no mention on the CarsGuide website as to whether they take a cut of a successful car sale, meaning it may cost you more than just advertising fees.
Autotrader works with CarsGuide to help motorists sell their car through increased exposure, and offers a free ad listing for you to use. Autotrader generates part of your ad for you after you’ve entered your car’s details into the site, and gives you a recommended selling price based on the information you’ve given, as well as what other cars are currently for sale on the website.
If you’re looking to make your car stand out a bit more, you can opt for a paid ad package, although the final price will be dependent on how much you’re selling your car for, so it’s important to read the fine print before purchasing ad space, as the costs may quickly add up.